Pet Shop in Brisbane

The Pet Shop in Brisbane Where You'll Find Your Perfect Puppy

Visiting our pet shop in Brisbane must be the most fulfilling experience that you can have in this unprecedented time of the pandemic. Come to Puppy Palace to meet your new best friend. Our store's operating hours might differ, so please call before you plan to visit us.

What Sets Puppy Palace Apart Regarding Pet Supplies in Brisbane

At our shop, you'll only find the best - the best puppies, and the best of everything that you'll need to keep them as happy as they are with us.

  • We keep more products than any other pet shop in Queensland. Apart from your new companion, you'll also leave our store with the best toys, bed, shampoo, tick and flea treatment, and much more. Your dog will also have been checked by a vet, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
  • The breeders from which we get our puppies sign a declaration that the pups are healthy. Societies such as the RSPCA can conduct inspections if deemed necessary, to confirm that they are not inferior breeders.
  • We provide a seven-day health guarantee from Compton Road Veterinary Surgery, as well as free pet insurance for one month, which you can use at any vet in Australia.

In this time, you can rest assured that we have stricter hygiene measures in place and ensure that we comply with prescribed guidelines from the authorities. The treatment with which we spray our premises regularly, exceeds the current health standard.

Problems Puppy Palace Addresses

Do you feel that you need a different companion in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, someone else to talk to, who will patiently listen to you venting? We have the perfect solution.

  • Our puppies are good listeners and are very patient. They allow you to cuddle as much as you wish and won't tell your secrets. They love the attention as much as you do.
  • You've fallen in love with one of our puppies, but we're a bit far from where you are. No problem - we can arrange to professionally fly your pup to you anywhere in Australia because we know that no one can resist those puppy eyes.
  • You have your eye on a puppy but cannot get to us right away. Why not pay a holding deposit, and we'll keep your boy or girl for you.

Trust our Australian-owned independent pet store in Brisbane. Our team already loves your new puppy and know that it'll bring so much joy to your family.

Why Trust Puppy Palace Regarding Pet Supplies in Brisbane

Our pet store in Brisbane cares about your dog and wants it to also be happy in its new home. It's not as simple as choosing your puppy, paying, and leaving. We provide a puppy training session for you, to prepare you for raising your new friend, and show you the products and treats that we have available.

Please visit our website often for new arrivals - our list is updated daily. We are open seven days a week so that you don't have to miss out. Our operating hours during this time are, however different, so best call us to discuss your needs.