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Need Collars for Dogs? We Have Everything You Need

No matter if you picked up your new family member from us, or you just need collars for dogs, we can assist with all your pet accessory needs and more. Our store is in Underwood, Brisbane, but you can follow us for the latest products and specials.

The Importance of Dog Collars

Buying a dog collar can be a tricky business. You need to consider the size and quality. Why do you need to buy a dog collar, you may ask? Let's investigate the reasons further:

  • Identification. A dog without a collar can easily be regarded as a stray and might be taken to the pound or snatched by a criminal. Should your best friend escape from your property and can't find their way back home, you want them to be as safe as possible and make it easy for any passers-by to identify your dog and give you a call. An ID tag with your name and address or phone number can mean the difference between losing your dog forever or having him return safely.
  • Training. If your puppy just joined your family, you want to consider what type of collar you need to get them. You first want to train them; in which case a chain collar might be ideal for instilling discipline. No matter what type of colour you choose for your best friend, make sure you do not leave the house without one. We offer a variety of puppy collars and other accessories you may need.
  • Leashes. Without a collar, you can't safely walk your dog in a public space. You will need a leash to attach to the collar to take your dog outside. We offer different brands of dog leashes and collars, as well as matching sets. Dog leads are always necessary for a public park to avoid any incidents with other dogs, and one of the accessories you should obtain as soon as possible.

Dog collars are not the only accessory you will need for your new pup; we offer Ezydog harnesses that ensures better control and distribution of the pull across your dog's body for comfort and stability.

Other Products We Provide Besides Dog Harnesses

We love animals, and we want to make sure they find the best homes possible, which is why we established our pet shop. Other than your basic dog and pet accessories, we also have puppies for sale from trusted breeders that are ready to bring joy to your home. We provide you with everything you need to take home your new pup:

  • Bedding. We have a variety of dog and cat beds to choose from in our store. We often have them on sale, so be sure to keep an eye on our online store. Our variety includes igloo beds, as well as standard rectangular dog beds with furry, comfortable padding to give your pup a luxurious sleep.
  • Coats and socks. Pups tend to get cold as they are still fragile and need protection from the elements. Our thermal dog coats are adjustable, and we have them available for adult dogs as well as pups. Not only does your dog look cute in socks, but it will protect them from injuries to their paws when out for a walk. We have a variety of styles and colours available.
  • Healthcare. When you purchase a pup from us, they have been vet checked, vaccinated and received worm, and tick and flea treatment. You will, however, need to follow that up eventually with more treatments. We stock Heartgard, Nexgard and Bravecto products, among others, that include tick and flea treatments as well as chews and Epi-Otic treatment.


About Puppy Palace

We aim to make puppies and humans happy through the love that only a pet can bring to a home. As an independent pet shop in Brisbane, we only buy from trusted breeders and include a variety of benefits when you purchase your pup. All animals are vet checked and vaccinated. They are also protected from worms and fleas, and you receive one free vet check and one month's free pet insurance. We only want the best for your pet and stock all the necessary products and accessories to keep them comfy, safe and healthy.

Please contact us if you have any queries.