Where to find the best puppies for sale in Underwood, Queensland


Since 1999 we have been the leading suppliers of Puppy dogs for sale in Enoggera, Australia. We sell puppies obtained from reputable breeders, and through our health guarantees and thorough vet checks ensure you are paired with the best animals available.

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In addition to being microchipped, vaccinated, heartwormed and wormed the animals we supply come with a health guarantee from Greencross Vet, Bald Hills (formally knows as My Pets Vet Bald Hills), and an after- sales, free, vet check. When you think puppy dogs for sale in Enoggera, you can rest assured that your new animal enters your home as a healthy new addition.

Depending on whether your pup is going to be sleeping outside - or already has a spot marked out on your bed, cold nose positioned against your neck - you may need to purchase a dog bed or dog house. As the specialists in puppy dogs for sale in Enoggera, we supply dog beds and houses as well as dog coats, carry bags, collars and leads - all to match the personality or looks of your puppy. We also stock training products such as anti-barking collars or other special items our customers may have need of.

 We provide a range of quality nutrition food products so you can provide your animal with the correct diet for ultimate health and wellness. In addition, we stock products for tick and flea control and worming treatment. Whatever your puppy's health care and nutrition requirements, we have the advice and products to see you through all stages of your puppy's growth, development and continued maintenance.


A Variety of Puppy Dogs for Sale in Enoggera

As Enoggera's puppy dogs for sale specialists, we understand that many people have a preference for a certain type of dog, which is why we retail all types of breeds, from large breeds like Groodles, Labradors and Labradoodles, Beagle, Spoodle, Staffy, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel and small breeds like Cavoodles, Myorkies, Mini Dachshund, Shoodle, Shih Tzu X, Poodle X, Pomeranian, Maltese, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Woodle, Poochi X, Jack Russell, Cavalier, Maltchi. We also understand that there are animal lovers who will walk into a pet store and simply fall head over heels for that cute little face peering up at you - the little soul that responds to your voice and moves over to say "hi, I am the one you want."

That bond, instantly created, will last a life-time and we are here to assist you in looking after that precious life with the care and attention it deserves.

As the largest supplier of puppy dogs for sale in Enoggera and Australia, our puppies are displayed for view for our customers selection. We are fully committed to ensuring our animals are sourced from the most ethical, reputable breeders, kept in comfortable, hygenic and safe conditions while with us, and passed on to caring owners, who have received the right training and advice we can provide.

We help our customers select a breed of puppy which will fit in with the owner's lifestyle so they can meet their pets care requirements.

Come in and chat to our sales team, meet our pups and get the advice and guidance needed in making this important decision. Everyone deserves to experience the unconditional love and affection your dog will provide you with.


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