Puppy Specialist Underwood


Looking for a new best friend? As the Puppy Specialist in Enoggera / Australia, we supply a wide range of puppies of all shapes, sizes and breeds to meet your requirements. Whether you want a cute piece of fluff to carry around in your handbag, or a gentle oaf the kids can play-fight with, we have the match for you. Our friendly sales team delight in pairing customers with that perfect puppy.

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For your convenience, we will even fly your chosen dog directly to your home town - anywhere in Australia.

In addition to the importance of a loving home and good exercise, correct nutrition is essential for your pet's health. As the puppy specialist in Enoggera, we stock quality brands to ensure your pup receives a well-balanced diet containing the best ingredients. From scientific-based brands, to natural products safe for those newly formed digestive systems and highly-stressed animals, our wide selection covers it all. Choose from the brands that best suit your puppy's activity level - whether they are an active working dog, or an indoor lapdog suffering from chronic laziness.

Health maintenance is of great importance as a pet owner. Treating your precious pooch for all those nasty parasites enjoying a free ride will keep your dog fit and well. Select products to kill and control fleas and ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. We have the brand for you, ensuring your pet remains healthy. Your puppy may need a product safe for their age, so chat to our experienced sales staff if unsure.

Why are we the puppy specialist in Australia?

Having been in operation since 1999, we understand puppies - and the pet lovers who take them home. Our years of experience in the industry has shown us the importance of offering animals from good stock, with all the health checks completed.

We are so sure that you are getting the healthiest, animal, from the most reputable breeders, that we provide our customers with a free vet check, after your purchase and a 7 Day Health Guarantee from Greencross Vet, Bald Hills (formally known as My Pets Vet Bald Hills). Not only are you getting a precious new puppy to add to your family, but you are guaranteed of a strong, healthy dog, fully vaccinated, vet-checked and safe to bring home. When you get a pup from the puppy specialist in Enoggera, your animal is heartwormed, wormed and microchipped prior to you receiving the dog. You also receive one months FREE Pet Insurance that can be used Australia Wide.

 As the Puppy Specialist in Enoggera, we also supply a wide range of accessories and products (AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES) which every well-loved animal deserves: food, dog treats, health supplies and grooming instruments, to a huge selection of dog toys and training items. No need to sacrifice your precious pair of designer leather shoes to the cause - ensure those sharp little teeth have plenty of brightly coloured chewable accessories to teeth on.

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