Snuggle Puppy - Back in Stock. $69.95. 4 Different style of Pups. Direct from the USA. 07 3808 2880 for sale in Enoggera, QLD



Snuggle Puppies! New packaging. Just in from USA. Only $69.95 each.

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Heart Beat | Soft and Cuddly | Built in Heat Pack!

These make GREAT gifts! Snuggle Puppies are great for any dog of any age, and they have a "real Heartbeat sound" which will keep your dog company at night, making them feel like they are not alone.
With areal feel “pulsing” heart beat and warmer pack.
Loneliness,fear (car ride, thunder) and anxiety are just a few the concerns virtually eliminated with use of this product.

Snuggle Puppies help to prevent separation anxiety. So perfect for new puppies to help them sleep through the night, just place them with the rest of the litter to get the smell and once home they will settle much quicker. Or you can rub them on yourself so they have the comforting smell of their new owner when you are gone for the day at work.

These are a super plush cuddly toy that your dog will love to sleep or nap with!

The replaceable heat pack will last for about 24 hours once activated, so great for that 1st winters day settling into the new home.

Snuggle Puppies now takes standard AAA batteries). Included in the package.

They are a machine washable, plush stuffed animal (33cm L x 20cm W x 10cm H) with embroidered facial features for safety and a thick velcro strip that seals the pocket where the real feel heart & heat packs are inserted.

If you are bringing a new pup home, do yourself and your pup a favour and get them a Snuggle Puppy!
Actual Toy (33cm long x 23cm wide x 10cm high)
1 x 24-hour disposable heater pack.
Removable heart with batteries
Machine washable (remove heart first)
Extremely cute
These are clearly not chew toys or tug toys and will not stand up to your puppy/adult dog trying to rip it apart.


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