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NexGard: Your Go-To Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Fleas can be a huge annoyance, and ticks can be downright dangerous, which is why an effective flea and tick treatment for dogs is essential to use year-round. Puppy Palace offers the best flea treatments on the market at the lowest prices.

Benefits of Using NexGard Spectra

When it comes to flea and tick treatments, there are oodles on the market - but only a few that are entirely effective. NexGard Spectra works by killing fleas and ticks and keeping your pet safe from their harmful effects. Here are a few of the things that you - and your pup - will love about NexGard.

  • It's easy to give to your dog. NexGard is a tasty, beef-flavoured chew that your dog will enjoy. What's more, he'll just think he's earned a delicious treat - and he has, of course, by being such a good boy. Best of all, this one simple chew kills both fleas and ticks for a full 30 days.
  • It's safe. NexGard has no known contraindications and very few side effects. Most dogs can take NexGard with no problems. Most of the potential side effects, which are unlikely, are mild and may include itching, lethargy, lack of appetite, or vomiting. You can give NexGard to your furry friend with peace of mind and know that he'll be protected from fleas and ticks for a whole month.
  • It works fast. NexGard Spectra kills all the fleas on your dog within 24 hours. It then continues to work to prevent re-infestations. Because NexGard is an oral flea treatment, your dog can swim and bathe as normal without affecting the flea and tick controlling ability of the medicine.

Signs You Should Invest in NexGard for Dogs

You may have a dog for months or years with no sign of fleas and then, all of a sudden, your furry friend can't stop scratching, and the tiny pests seem to be all over your home. It happens - and it's important to act as soon as you notice the signs. Here are a few easy to tell signs that your dog needs NexGard.

  • She is scratching. The first and most obvious sign of fleas is that your dog scratches - possibly a lot. Even if you don't see the insects for yourself, your dog's scratching or biting at her fur should tip you off that there might be fleas afoot.
  • You see fleas. Fleas are tiny, thin, and reddish-brown (but may appear as black specks simply because they are so small). Fleas can jump a long way thanks to their large back legs. Take our word for it - if you see one, there are hundreds or thousands more.
  • Your dog's hair starts to thin. If your once-fluffy pal starts to look a little worse for wear, fleas may be the culprit. All that constant scratching and biting can result in thinning fur, especially around the base of the tail and other spots where fleas like to congregate.

About Puppy Palace

The good news is that fleas are easy to treat with an effective product such as NexGard. At Puppy Palace, we not only sell ethically raised puppies from quality breeders, but we also offer all the products that you need, including flea and tick treatment and worm treatment for dogs, just to name a couple. Our store is located in Underwood, QLD, so feel free to stop by and find all the essentials for taking care of your puppy or adult dog. Contact us with any questions - we're always happy to help enthusiastic and responsible pet owners.