Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming in Queensland


Keep your furriest friend looking and smelling great - call on the services of Puppy Palace and treat your best friend to an extra special pampering sessions.

We are the most trusted service for dog grooming in Queensland, with years of experience in the industry. Our team understand just how important it is that the experience is enjoyable for both dog and groomer: it is for that reason that we go out of our way to ensure that we pay close attention to your dog's individual needs.

Our salon for dog grooming in Queensland uses only the most modern equipment, and ensures that the brushes and shampoo used are the best for their breed and coat.

The pampering service begins with a haircut, followed by a hot bath and flea rinse. We will give your pooch a massage, before brushing their coat, cutting their nails and cleaning their ears. Your best pal will be finished with a bow, and perfumed with our special Doggy Deodorant - how is that for pampering? We'll also give your pup a treat, to say thanks for being such a great customer! 

Queensland Dog Grooming: Upkeep and Maintenance 

Dog grooming is an ongoing process, one that cannot be carried out by a groomer on their own. More often than not, the upkeep of your dog's coat requires regular brushing at home.

Our experienced team will offer their advice on how best to look after your pup's coat, recommending a selection of brushes and how often they will need to be groomed. We also stock a number of doggie treats, to ensure that the grooming process is a positive and happy experience for both you and your furry friend.

Dog Grooming in Queensland: Our Prices

Our FULL CLIP DOG GROOMING prices start from:

$60 for a small breed, e.g. Maltese
$70 to $80 for a medium breed, e.g. Spoodle
$80 to $90  for a larger breed, e.g. Labradoodle

(Full Clip includes Clip, Nails, Ear Clean and Epi Otic Treatment and Pluck, Flea Treatment (please note it will cost more if your dog is covered in Fleas as we this will require a longer soaking to remove all Fleas), Full Body Massage, Blow Dry, Brush and a doggy treat)

Mini Dog Clip:

$45 for a small breed dog.

$55 - to $65 for a Medium breed dog (depending on coat)

$70 to $75 for a Large breed dog (depending on coat)

(Mini Clip includes Bath, Flea Treatment, Blowdry, Brush, Nails and Ears Cleaned)


Wash / Bath and Blow Dry Only.

$25 - Small

$35 - Medium -  $45 with a Thick Coat

$55 - Large -  $60 with an Thick Coat



$10 - Nails Clipped

$5 - Flea Treatment

$20 - Ear Clean/Treatment and Pluck

Extra payable for a very knotty/unbrushed dog.

Extra for a weekend booking.


Call on Puppy Palace for friendly, professional and gentle dog grooming in Queensland. Our expert technicians proudly claim years of experience in the industry, and know exactly what it takes to keep your dog's coat happy, healthy and tangle free. Enquire today for more information on our services for dog grooming in Queensland.