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Get your dog food in Brisbane from the kind of establishment that has its pups checked by a vet, micro-chipped, dewormed, and flea treated before they go to their forever home. We include a free after-purchase vet-check, a seven-day health guarantee, and a month's Australia-wide complimentary pet insurance.

How Much Do You Know About Pet Food in Brisbane?

We've been operating since 1999, providing healthy puppies to our many customers via superior breeders with integrity. We've never supported puppy mills and take the best possible care of the animals we're responsible for.

  • Your pet must go on the right diet for its size and weight for optimum health and energy, and it's not always easy to decide what will be best for your furry friend. Our high-quality pet food in Brisbane undergoes meticulous testing by veterinary specialists and is substantially regulated.
  • A healthy canine diet mainly consists of meat, but they should also get their nutrition from vegetables, fruits, and grains, which are important sources of essential minerals, fibre, and vitamins. We stock a variety of good quality pet food brands to choose from, that your pet will love.
  • When choosing the food, remember that large breeds have different requirements to small breeds. If you take one of our puppies homes, remember that their nutritional needs differ from those of adults and old dogs. 

You always have to take into consideration any ailments your pet might have when you buy food for them, we can assist in advising which food might help them live a healthier life.

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Contact us today and we will gladly answer your questions regarding the necessary ingredients, dietary adequacy, and feeding guidelines for your pets. We have many years of experience in putting your companions' best interests first.